Greener Carpet - Jacqueline Mullin

When re-modeling a home or office, the final resting place of the unwanted carpet is not always top of mind. However, carpet-recycling companies in the UK and the U.S.A. are illustrating the strong support for initiatives diverting carpet from landfi.

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Renewable Plastics Made From Pine Needles - Jacqueline Mullin

Globally, citizens of the planet create an immense amount of non-renewable plastic waste every day. However, recent research released by a team of Chemists at the University of Bath has shown that it is possible to create renewable plastic using pine.

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China’s Growing Pollution Problem - Samantha Zeitz

While nations around the world work towards limiting warming to below 2 degrees Celsius, China continues to grapple with its growing pollution problem. The air conditions in China are now so bad that parents have resorted to sending their children so.

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Biogas Buses in India - Jacqueline Mullin

Beginning March 2017 the people of Kolkata, India will be offered a new way to travel through the city’s streets with the introduction of biogas buses. A government-supported initiative, 12 buses are expected to join the capital city’s busy publi.

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Developing Smarter Cities - Samantha Zeitz

In order to keep global warming under control in years to come, experts are saying we need to take action now when it comes to how we run our cities. In 2016, 192 countries signed the Paris agreement, committing to attempt to limit global warming by .

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Birds Migrate Early - Jacqueline Mullin

A recent study from Edinburgh University suggests that the arrival of migrating birds at their breeding grounds directly impacts the success rate of the birds in securing prime nesting grounds and access to the best food sources. Because these elemen.

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Sawdust – Could It Be the Next Oil Spill Solution? - Sam Zeitz

Sawdust has been known as the waste product of woodworking, but researchers at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have found a use for it that can help fight oil spills. What makes this discovery unique is that .

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Paris Bans Cars in Midst of High Pollution - Jacqueline Mullin

The recent move by Paris City Hall to ban half of the automobile traffic in the city and its surrounding suburbs shone a spotlight on the dangerous air pollution levels suffocating the capital and raised serious questions about how to tackle their ai.

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Coffee Roasters Reducing Carbon Footpring

Coffee Roasters: Reducing Their Carbon Footprint - Samantha Zeitz

Millions of people around the world depend on that hot cup of coffee every day to give them a boost, but environmental experts say climate change might be putting our beloved java at more of a risk than most realize. Conservation International is pre.

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Flying High Thanks to Wood-Waste - Jacqueline Mullin

The recent success of Alaska Airlines flight AS-4, which flew from Seattle to Washington Reagan National Airport proves that wood waste, a brand new sustainable biofuel, can be used in conjunction with traditional fossil fuels to power airplanes. Woo.

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