Solar Panels with Overcast Skies

Solar Power With Overcast Skies - Kirsten Long

Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity without using natural resources but when there are overcast skies it may be difficult to absorb enough sunlight. Fortunately, researchers from the University of British Columbia have found a solut.

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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion – Here to Stay? - Kirsten Long

A decade ago, when people started using the term eco-fashion, a lot of us thought it was just another trend, but sustainable fashion practices appear to be growing and more industry experts are predicting environment-friendly fashion manufacturing is.

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Air Conditioners and Global Warming

Keeping Cool Equals Sustainability - Samantha Zeitz

Heat stress can be deadly – and we have heard before that a stable climate can reduce the risk of heat-related fatalities. Now a study based on European findings tells us that loss of life can be limited if we just meet some of the Paris Agreem.

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Electrogeochemistry–Will it help Global Warming

Electrogeochemistry – Will It Help Global Warming? - Dr. Gary O’Bireck

Today we are hearing more about the notion of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help fight global warming. Now, a new study indicates negative emissions technologies could be part of the effort to do just that. Negative emissions techno.

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Solar Power and Farming

Climate Change and Bees - Kirsten Long

Yet more evidence is coming forward that our warming climate is having a detrimental impact on the bee population. This time a study suggests that the mason bee is in trouble. A study conducted by Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garde.

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Measuring the Environmental Impact of Food Production

Measuring the Environmental Impact of Food Production - Samantha Zeitz

It’s no secret that the food we eat has an impact on the environment we live in. What might come as a surprise though is that not every bunch of bananas or every cup of rice has the same impact. A new study published in the journal Science shows ho.

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Green Dog Waste System

Green Dog Waste System - Dr. Gary O’Bireck

Designed to ease the handling of doggie doo, and to make city dog parks cleaner and easier to maintain, the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario has installed the new Sutera Dog Waste Containment System. As reported in Niagara This Week, rather than having.

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Calculating the Carbon Emissions From Your Commute

Calculating the Carbon Emissions From Your Commute - Samantha Zeitz

Greenhouse gases are talked about a lot these days but few people actually know how many emissions they’re generating. A website called Map My Emissions allows you to see exactly how much emissions you’re putting out into the world during your da.

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Safe Six-Pack Rings

Safe Six-Pack Rings - Kirsten Long

In a previous blog we told you about a Florida-based company that was trying to develop an eco-friendly six-pack ring to replace the beer rings that are so damaging to Sea animals. Now, we can report that they have met their goal. Craft brewer, Saltw.

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Air Conditioners and Global Warming

DNC Refuses Fossil Fuel Company Donations - Kirsten Long

After a unanimous vote, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has banned donations from fossil fuel companies or any corporations involved with the oil, gas and coal industry. HuffPost has indicated that party activist and House Minority Leader, Ch.

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