Ecotourism – How You Can Promote Green When You Travel - Kirsten Long

It’s no secret that the environment is a hot topic, especially in light of U.S President, Donald Trump pulling the country out of the Paris Climate Accord. It doesn’t seem that the move has had much of an impact on attempts by various industries .

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Another Use for Waste

Another Use for Waste - Jacqueline Mullin

Ethanol comes from many different sources, including corn, wheat, barley and potatoes, and while it has become an increasingly popular fuel source over the last decade, we are just learning now that a by-product of ethanol production has yet another .

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Flavored mixture of dried Chinese tea leaves

Addressing the Impact of Climate Change on Tea Production - Michael Cameron

I have learned from my English and Irish friends that tea can be considered, well essential. Unfortunately, harsh weather conditions are affecting black tea production around the world. While this could affect what my friends are drinking, there are .

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A New Weapon in Food Waste Conversion - Teresa Madaleno

Despite pullback from President Trump when it comes to climate change, scientists and environmental engineers continue to explore new avenues to preserve our planet. One of the latest discoveries to come out of Concordia University is a new weapon in.

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Climate Change Law Suits - Jacqueline Mullin

Climate change lawsuits have been working their way through various court systems, including in the U.S., Belgium and India for quite some time. However, a recent lawsuit put forward by 21 U.S. children is prompting private citizens, fossil fuel indu.

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Most People See Climate Change as Disastrous - Sam Zeitz

A survey on global threats has shown that people are more aware now of the damaging impact of climate change. As outlined by Thomson Reuters recently, The Global Catastrophic Risks 2017 poll, commissioned by the Global Challenges Foundation revealed .

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Pecan Waste – How It Can Be Used - Jacquline Mullin

If asked to identify what food waste item can be used in simulated wood products, environmentally friendly biofuel and as an additive in beauty products pecan shells do not automatically come to mind. Pecan waste is however extremely versatile, allow.

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Nature’s Climate Change Weapons - Jacqueline Mullin

Given the opportunity, the earth finds its own balance. A recently released document produced by the Wildlife Conservation Society identifies 14 climate change solutions that embrace methods for fighting climate change by using the innate habits of w.

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Allergies Asthma and the Pollution Connection

Allergies, Asthma and the Pollution Connection - Sam Zeitz

By now many people are aware that greenhouse gas emissions are unhealthy for us and contribute to allergies, but according to a new study if the level of greenhouse emissions continue to increase we will see more children sent to hospitals for asthma.

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Self-Driving Garbage Truck

Self-driving Garbage Truck - Teresa Madaleno

We all know that generating garbage is a problem. Engineers, scientists, and environmentalists have spent decades developing ways to deal with reducing, reusing and recycling waste in an effort to make our world cleaner. Now two companies have come t.

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