Chips and Climate Change

Chips and Climate Change - Teresa Madaleno

British consumers love fish and chips. Every year they consume close to 400 million portions. According to quora, the popular question and answer platform, that’s about six servings for every man, woman and child. What does this have to do with cli.

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Plastic Reduction in the Beauty Industry

Plastic Reduction in the Beauty Industry - Samantha Zeitz

Like many industries, the beauty industry is feeling the pressure from consumers to be more sensitive to the environment. While the industry as a whole has a long way to go in terms of becoming “green”, more cosmetic companies are looking at ways.

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Going Carbon-Free in Boston

Going Carbon-Free in Boston - Teresa Madaleno

The Green Ribbon Commission has released a report that indicates Boston has an ambitious goal to be carbon free by 2050. While the move would require massive overhauls to waste, transportation, buildings and energy, it appears a team of experts are d.

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Taking on plastics recycling

Taking on Plastic Recycling - Teresa Madaleno

What started out as a way to turn his own plastic waste into something positive and teach his children a lesson in sustainability has turned into a plastic recycling business for a Georgia resident. Local news media in Statesboro, the largest city in.

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Nurses Weighing in on Climate Change

Nurses Weighing in on Climate Change - Kirsten Long

The Yale program on Climate Change Communication released a study a few years ago that showed around 60 percent of Americans haven’t given much thought to how global warming might impact health. A group of nurses are determined to address this atti.

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Bamboo - Is It Sustainable

Bamboo – Is It Sustainable? - Teresa Madaleno

Bamboo is a sustainable material that has been getting a lot of attention in recent years and while it may be more environment friendly than metal and timber, it is important not to rely on bamboo to replace every household item. Bamboo grows quickly.

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Plastics Pick-Up Machine

Plastics Pick-Up Machine

Lots of small particles of plastic are washing up on beaches and effecting marine life but the current process to clean it up is very time consuming. Now, a group of twelve engineers from the University of Sherbrooke think their invention can revolut.

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An Unlikely Waste Champion

An Unlikely Waste Champion - Samantha Zeitz

Taiwan is surprising the world with their impressive recycling efforts. You can even find a wide variety of structures and buildings made from recycled material right in the heart of Taiwan’s capital. Greenbiz recently reported that thanks to Taiwa.

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Can Pollution Kill Our Children

Can Pollution Kill Our Children? - Kirsten Long

There has been a great deal of study on the relationship between respiratory ailments and environmental pollution, but for the first time in the UK, it has been suggested that the death of a little girl may be connected to high levels of pollution. T.

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Glimmers of Hope in Fighting Climate Change

Glimmers of Hope in the Fight Against Climate Change - Teresa Madaleno

Now that we are into a new year, environmentalists, scientists, and journalists have weighted in on the battle to fight climate change. Many have called the situation “dire” as they look at the year ahead. For example, the weather network recentl.

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Dry Climate Might Have New Source of Water

Dry Climate Might Have New Source of Water - Samantha Zeitz

Water supply is critical to survival yet is an ongoing problem is many areas of the world. Water scarcity has social, economic, and environmental implications. Sadly, climate change heightens the problem. The good news … there just might be a new s.

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Plastics a Global Problem

Plastics: A Global Problem - Kirsten Long

There is no denying that plastic pollution is a global problem. How plastics are handled in one country can have a direct impact on the environment in another country. It is incumbent upon all of us to become educated about the plastics crisis even i.

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Apps to Manage Waste - Teresa Madaleno

One of the biggest problems with waste is simply that people don’t know how to manage it. However, thanks to modern technology, specifically management tools, dealing with waste doesn’t have to be a big challenge. Over the last few years, a numbe.

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Plant Purifying Air - Samantha Zeitz

Many homes have air filters to trap pollutants in the air you breath everyday but some molecules are too small to get trapped and still linger in the air. Researchers from the University of Washington have created a plant that could pick up what the .

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Waste Factory Approach

Turning Waste into Art - Teresa Madaleno

Most of us have heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” but what about one man’s trash is another man’s art? The Waste Factory is helping people turn trash into beautiful works of art in an effort to create awareness .

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