New Ways to Monetize Waste - Samantha Zeitz

An Alabama based company is giving us “food for thought” or should we say thought for food? Tuscaloosa’s Inventure is repurposing food waste and finding ways to monetize it. Inventure is responsible for 16 patents and have 45 pending towards th.

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Breathing Easier with Swedens Traffic Tax

Breathing Easier with Sweden’s Traffic Tax Ghost - Jacqueline Mullin

Traffic congestion in cities is not a new challenge and the database of knowledge examining the impact of high levels of vehicle exhaust on children’s health is constantly expanding. Recent research from John Hopkins University (JHU) connects the d.

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Climate Change and Global Food Demand

The impact of climate change on the earth is evidenced by the extreme storms, unrelenting droughts, increasing global temperatures and falling crop yields. Examining these factors alongside increasing disparages in wealth and the rising global popula.

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Reducing Your Transportation Footprint

Reducing Your Transportation Footprint in 2017 - Jacqueline Mullin

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that just under 20 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions originate in the United States. While the pollution stems from a variety of sources, an examination of the transportation.

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Climate Change Hub

Netherland’s Climate Change Hub - Samantha Zeitz

Many countries are faced with extreme weather caused by global warming, but a new climate change adaption centre in the Netherlands might be able to help countries at risk. With almost $1,400,000 CAD already invested in the project, the Netherlands a.

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Greener Carpet - Jacqueline Mullin

When re-modeling a home or office, the final resting place of the unwanted carpet is not always top of mind. However, carpet-recycling companies in the UK and the U.S.A. are illustrating the strong support for initiatives diverting carpet from landfi.

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Renewable Plastics Made From Pine Needles - Jacqueline Mullin

Globally, citizens of the planet create an immense amount of non-renewable plastic waste every day. However, recent research released by a team of Chemists at the University of Bath has shown that it is possible to create renewable plastic using pine.

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China’s Growing Pollution Problem - Samantha Zeitz

While nations around the world work towards limiting warming to below 2 degrees Celsius, China continues to grapple with its growing pollution problem. The air conditions in China are now so bad that parents have resorted to sending their children so.

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Biogas Buses in India - Jacqueline Mullin

Beginning March 2017 the people of Kolkata, India will be offered a new way to travel through the city’s streets with the introduction of biogas buses. A government-supported initiative, 12 buses are expected to join the capital city’s busy publi.

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Developing Smarter Cities - Samantha Zeitz

In order to keep global warming under control in years to come, experts are saying we need to take action now when it comes to how we run our cities. In 2016, 192 countries signed the Paris agreement, committing to attempt to limit global warming by .

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