Growing Interest in Biomass - Samantha Zeitz

The term hemp has been used a lot lately. You may have read about its role in both medical and recreational cannabis, but the hemp plant has much more potential in terms of helping our planet. According to CannabizDaily, an industry newsletter, hemp .

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Campus Food Waste Becomes Energy

Campus Food Waste Becomes Energy - Samantha Zeitz

Feeding a University takes a lot of food but that also means a lot of food waste. The University of Notre Dame is partnering with the Office of Sustainability to put waste and emissions that come with it to good use. Through the Grind2Energy system, .

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Bite Bits to Reduce Plastic - Teresa Madaleno

More than one billion plastic toothpaste tubes are tossed in the garbage each year and many of them contain harsh residues from chemicals. Since good hygiene dictates that we should be brushing our teeth, what can we do? A quick search online and you.

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Bottle Cap Rug - Teresa Madaleno

Bottle cap artwork is nothing new; it has been worked into tables, chairs, statues, and even portraits but now 25,000 plastic caps have been used to create a huge carpet in Sarajevo that is making a strong statement about our planet. On display at th.

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Online Shopping and Carbon Footprint - Teresa Madaleno

We love our online shopping so much that statista estimates global mobile ecommerce revenue will reach up to $669 billion this year. There is no denying that a couple of clicks to buy something as opposed to running around from one store to another i.

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Sparta Update – Taking a Bite out of Plastics, John O’Bireck Appointed to dynaCERT Inc. Advisory Board, and more…

What’s Happening? While we just announced in December that we entered into a Joint Venture with Pi.ECO Canada Ltd., to transform unsortable plastic into eco-friendly fuel, our company has continued to expand the process of collecting plastics a.

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Turning Trash into Treasure - Teresa Madaleno

At Sparta we are inspired by the fact that so many people are starting to see the need, as well as the value in treating trash like an important commodity. The old adage of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” has never been truer tha.

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Hope for the Environment

Hope for the Environment - Samantha Zeitz

The recent United Nations’ report that called the environmental status of our planet “dire” has dampened the resolve of some environmental activists but there are so many of us that don’t have quitting in our DNA. We look to others to help gi.

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Coffee Pods and the Environment

Coffee Pods and the Environment - Samantha Zeitz

Single cup coffee makers are very convenient when you’re in a rush in the morning, but every time you step up to that coffee maker, your ecological footprint gets a little bigger. Single-use coffee pods are adding to the growing waste problem and t.

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Sustainable Packaging for Cannabis

Sustainable Packaging for Cannabis - Teresa Madaleno

What do plastics have to do with weed? Well, it seems that weed or as it is officially called, cannabis could help reduce the plastic waste problem. Here in Canada, Cannabis was recently legalized and in the United States it is legal to use the subst.

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Upcycling Plastic Bottles

Upcycling Plastic Bottles - Dr. Gary O’Bireck

The term upcycling refers to the ability and process of producing higher-value products from reclaimed material. In an effort that may help protect our oceans from the scourge of plastic waste, scientists and researchers from the U.S. Department of E.

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Air Pollution Killing More People than Smoking

Air Pollution Killing More People Than Smoking - Teresa Madaleno

We’ve heard it before – pollution kills. Now experts are saying that the numbers are much worse than they initially thought. In fact, it looks like more people are dying due to pollution than smoking. Research out of Germany and Cyprus suggests t.

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Toronto Zero Waste Market

Toronto’s Zero Waste Market - Samantha Zeitz

There has been a lot of discussion about limiting our consumption of plastic, but often we forget because of how convenient it is to just grab something off a shelf. A Toronto couple is trying to show society that it can be simple to shop waste-free..

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Fashion Tax

Fashion Tax - Samantha Zeitz

When we think about recycling, fashion usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, with trends coming and going, we really should be aware of the life cycle of what we wear. The U.K. parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) .

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PEI Stepping Up to Reduce Plastic

PEI Stepping Up to Reduce Plastic Use - Teresa Madaleno

Prince Edward Island or PEI as many refer to it, is the smallest of the Canadian provinces. Located in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, just northeast of Maine, it is a picturesque combination of land and sea that draws visitors from all over the world..

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