Young woman lead climbing in cave, male climber belaying

Climate Change and the Dangers of Rock Climbing - Michael Cameron

The moisture that seeps in between cracks in mountain rock can freeze and melt multiple times. As the freezing/melting process goes on, geologists say eventually the melting contributes to falling rock and dislodged boulders. While this is seen as a .

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Churches Moving Away for Fossil Fuels copy

Churches Moving Away from Fossil Fuels - Samantha Zeitz

A project advanced by the Global Catholic Climate Movement has found a way to honour the anniversary of the death of St. Francis of Assisi and help the environment at the same time. Marking the largest faith-based divestment from fossil fuels, over 4.

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How Olive Oil Waste Water Becomes Fuel and Fertilizer

How Olive Oil Waste Water Becomes Fuel and Fertilizer - Teresa Madaleno

Most people are familiar with olive oil and while the largest olive growing area on the planet is in Spain, the production of olive oil takes place across the globe, including throughout North America. While in recent years, health experts have been .

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Mining Industry Fights Climate Change

The Mining Industry Fights Climate Change - Teresa Madaleno

Since the mining industry is dependent on the natural environment, it makes sense that the industry would be vulnerable to climate change. In Canada alone, over 100 communities are engaged in mining activity and the industry appears poised to fight e.

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How Trees React to Climate Change

How Trees React to Climate Change - Samantha Zeitz

Predicting how the environment is going to react to the world’s climate change problem is really complicated but biologist, Koen Hufkens may have taken a step in the right direction. According to The Guardian, Hufkens has been studying the Congo Ba.

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Flying on garbage

Flying on Garbage: Household Waste Turns into Jet Fuel - Teresa Madaleno

A few years ago most people couldn’t imagine flying on a plane fuelled by household waste, but that’s exactly what is happening with British Airways. The airliner has joined forces with a renewable fuels company to develop a number of plants that.

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Recycled Clothing Points to Future

Waste – NOT

So have you noticed how there are more thrift shops opening up in cities across the world? What about street corner donation bins? Many people have taken notice and while they may think this is a sign that poverty is soaring, it isn’t the only reas.

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Becoming a Sustainable Brand

Becoming an Environmentally Sustainable Brand - Teresa Madaleno

We are at the point where people expect large brands to have some sort of sustainability plan. In previous blogs we have introduced companies that see the inherent value of being environmentally conscious. It is simple – a corporations’ impact on.

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Climate Change Finance

Climate Change Finance - Teresa Madaleno

There is a long list of potential projects that can be done if we want to curb climate change, but banking experts insist that they are just ideas that remain challenging because they don’t have financial backing. So how do we get these projects of.

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Low tech Low Cost Storage

Low-tech, Low-Cost Storage of Energy - Teresa Madaleno

A firebrick, which is a block of refractory ceramic used to line kilns, fireplaces and furnaces is built to withstand very high temperatures. Firebricks are commonly known as the brick used in making ovens for wood fired pizza, but they have another.

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