Growing Food to Fight Global Warming

Full Harvest – Promoting a Green Economy - Teresa Madaleno

We have shared the idea of consuming less than perfect fruits and vegetables in previous blog posts but what we’d like to do now is highlight how selling ugly produce can make good business sense while also helping the environment. Have you ever he.

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The Debate About Water Bottles

The Quest to Improve Water Quality - Samantha Zeitz

Municipal water supplies are kept in large water tanks and the quality within is not always as clean as it should be. Now, researchers from Michigan Tech are working on an affordable, simple, and eco-friendly solution to get rid of the micro-pollutan.

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Sparta Update – Waste-free Options Plentiful

Manufacturers are finding more ways to develop products from recycled material. The International Bureau of Recycling reports that recycled materials supply 40 percent of global raw material needs. Most people are familiar with the idea of recycling .

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Climate’s Impact on Nature’s Beauty - Teresa Madaleno

This may not be the first time you have heard a story like this – our climate wrecking havoc on the simple, yet beautiful gifts that nature presents to us. It does further underscore how our insatiable appetite for energy and in particular, fossil .

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Marketing of Electric Cars

The Marketing of Electric Cars - Samantha Zeitz

There are more electric cars are on the road today but not as many as some energy conservationists would like. Now, 16 major automakers are partnering with seven states in the northeast to convince the American public to try out battery-powered cars..

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A Potential Solution to Harmful Algae Blooms - Samantha Zeitz

Toxic algae blooms are responsible for the death of millions of fish each year and damage to marine ecosystems. With climate change making them worse, researchers from the John Innes Centre and the University of East Anglia (UEA) are working to comba.

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Benefits of Using Hydrovac

The Benefits of Using Hydrovac - Teresa Madaleno

Hydro excavation or Hydrovacs are not new but they are much improved. They have come a long way since the first hydrovac machine was built back in 1969. Today, hydrovacs have improved designs, are much more efficient, and are safer. Hydro Excavation .

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Fridge of the Future

The Fridge of the Future? - Teresa Madaleno

This isn’t the first time we have mentioned bioplastics but it is the first time we have brought up the bioplastic refrigerator. Yes, there is a fridge that is made of plastic parts from bioplastics. Electrolux, a global appliance company, has been.

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Power Utilities Adapting to Climate Change

Power Utilities Adapting to Climate Change - Samantha Zeitz

Storms are becoming more powerful than ever and it’s taking a toll on Canada’s electrical utilities. To try to prevent future power outages, researchers are trying to find a way to make electrical utilities more resilient to climate change, inclu.

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Circular Econoy Concepts at Work

Circular Economy Concepts at Work - Teresa Madaleno

More companies recognize the importance of keeping resources in use for as long as possible and while it is true that some inventions are destined to fail, here are a few circular economy concepts that are standing up rather well. Paraffin wax is a f.

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