Oil Companies Facing Fallout From Plastic Crackdown - Samantha Zeitz

As the world has been working hard to find alternatives to fossil fuels, oil companies have been looking to adapt to a changing market place … Read more

Human Consumption of Plastics

Human Consumption of Plastics - Teresa Madaleno

Many people have heard that as humans we accidently eat dirt. People do this by consuming food that has hit the ground, eating food without … Continue read.

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Climate Change and the Impact of Our Economy

Climate Change and the Impact on Our Economy - Kirsten Long

We continue to see the environmental impacts on our planet due to global warming and its subsequent result of climate change. However, these changes are … Continue reading Read more

Fuel from Biowaste

Fuel From Biowaste - Teresa Madaleno

The public research University in Boston, UMASS Lowell, recently joined forces with the University of Illinois and the China Agricultural University to develop a new … Read more

Phantom Power

Phantom Power - Teresa Madaleno

In some cases, close to 20 per cent of a monthly power bill goes to phantom power. It is called phantom power or ghost power … Continue reading Read more

Best Reusable Straws

The Best Reusable Straws - Samantha Zeitz

The fight against single-use plastic seems to be happening everywhere and one of the main targets is the plastic straw. These plastic drink accessories have … C.

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An Eco Bottle Courtesy of Japan

An Eco Bottle Courtesy of Japan - Teresa Madaleno

Several North American beverage companies are working hard to reduce plastic waste in their bottles. Some have a target to use 50 per cent recycled … Con.

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Students Addressing Climate Change

Students Addressing Climate Change - Teresa Madaleno

Despite the scientific evidence and the obvious evidence, such as increased frequency of extreme weather events, we continue to hear from climate change sceptics. Now, … Continue.

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Could Working Less Help the Planet

Could Working Less Help the Planet? - Teresa Madaleno

Some people will find this interesting while others might deem it absurd. A new study suggests that working less can help save the planet. In … Contin.

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Sparta Update

Sparta Update

● Sparta President John O’Bireck among speakers at gathering with Environment Minister. ● Dealing with the fallout from China’s closed door policy on recyclables. What’s … Read more

What we eat and the impacts on climate

What We Eat and the Impacts On Climate - Samantha Zeitz

Although talk about reducing our carbon footprints have become more common we still have a lot to learn when it comes to our environmental impact, … Read more

Household Brands Ditching Plastics

Household Brands Ditching Plastics - Teresa Madaleno

The movement away from single-use plastics continues to grow. Every day we hear about another town, city, or state, calling for the ban of plastic … C.

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Air Conditioners as Polluters

Air Conditioners – from Polluter to Carbon Capturer? - Teresa Madaleno

The melting of the arctic permafrost, as well as the damage created by single-use plastics get a lot of media attention for good reason. However, … Read more


Grocers and Plastic Waste: Opinion - Samantha Zeitz

Every year, approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic will enter the ocean which kick-started the fight against plastic. Reusable containers are now available in … Read more


Recycling Broader PET Plastics - Teresa Madaleno

Plastics are durable and lightweight, making them easy to mould for a multitude of purposes. As a result, plastics production has increased significantly over the … Read more