LED’s Saving Aquatic Life - Samantha Zeitz

Gillnets are commonly used to snare large amounts of fish but the side effect is killing bird and turtles in order to collect the fish. Researchers from the University of Exeter say they have a simple and cost effective way to fix the problem. In Per.

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Thrift Shops

Thrift Shops Booming - Teresa Madaleno

Depending on where you live, they are called thrift shops, tip shops, or charity shops, but no matter how you like to refer to them, they are opening up in towns and cities around the world. The concept of buying an item previously used by someone el.

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Waste to Some Shelter to Others

Waste to Some, Shelter to Others - Kirsten Long

As climate change continues to affect our planet, more natural disasters are taking place and thus creating a need for temporary shelters in times of emergency. This means that many materials will only be used temporarily and are taken down after use.

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Indonesian City Accepts Plastics for Bus Ride

Indonesian City Accepts Plastics for Bus Ride - Teresa Madaleno

Indonesia is known as one of the biggest plastics polluters in the world but now the Southeast Asian Nation is getting creative in their efforts to curb this type of pollution. In the city of Surabaya, you can get a free bus ride in exchange for use.

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Growing Your Own Food

Different Ways to Grow Your Own Food - Samantha Zeitz

Growing your own food is not only one of the best ways to ensure a steady supply of fresh, safe food; it is also environment friendly. Store-purchased products are often riddled with chemicals and transporting, packaging and storing supermarket food .

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Recycled Plastic Jacket

The Recycled Plastics Jacket - Kirsten Long

Producing clothing from recycled materials is not a new concept but it is a process that is getting more attention from designers due to an outcry from consumers about waste and our environmental footprint. One of the latest brands to take serious st.

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Recyclable Synthetic Turf

Recyclable Synthetic Turf - Teresa Madaleno

Previous blog posts have outlined what sports facilities are doing to curb greenhouse gas emissions and minimize waste but now these same venues may have an opportunity to do even more in terms of protecting the environment. A small group of Italian .

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Spain Going 100 Percent Renewable

Spain Going 100 Percent Renewable - Samantha Zeitz

Lots of countries are working to fight climate change but Spain is taking it one step further by announcing they will switch to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. In order to reach their goal of zero emissions, the country will be installing at le.

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What's In Your Tea Bag

What’s in Your Tea Bag? - Teresa Madaleno

There are coffee lovers and there are tea grannies and I am definitely a tea granny. Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. While I don’t have current statistics for Canada or other parts of the world, I can tell you that te.

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What is single use plastics and how to avoid them

What is Single-Use Plastics and How to Avoid Them? - Samantha Zeitz

Reducing plastic waste has become a hot topic and for a good reason. Single use plastic has become so common that it’s responsible for half of all plastic produced globally. Single- use plastics are plastics that get used just once before being thr.

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Recycled Plastic Children's Furniture

Recycled Plastic Children’s Furniture - Kirsten Long

Most kids have a favourite toy that they seem to hold on to forever, but billions of dollars are spent on toys every year and many end up being thrown out within months of being purchased. While there is nothing like seeing the look on a child’s fa.

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Common Misconceptions About Recycling

Common Misconceptions About Recycling - Teresa Madaleno

Recycling has come a long way since the 30’s when conservation and preservation started to become important to people around the world. Today, recycling products is common for homeowners and business operators but there are still a lot of misconcep.

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Is Your Business Ready for a Carbon Neutral Society

Is Your Business Ready for a Carbon Neutral Society? - Samantha Zeitz

In recent months there has been a lot of discussion in both mainstream media and on digital platforms about protecting the future of our planet. More companies are looking to optimize efficiencies so they can dramatically reduce their carbon emission.

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Sparta Update – High Speed Drilling Project and the “Hidden Magic” in Energy Efficiency Measures

What’s Happening? The work Sparta is doing to help facilitate all-fibre broadband networks through non-destructive, environment-friendly drilling is progressing smoothly and quickly. Since announcing just a few months ago that they were starting a .

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Developing Building Blocks from Human Urine

Developing Bricks from Human Urine - Teresa Madaleno

We recently told you about a social enterprise in Columbia that developed a way to make bricks from waste plastics. While remarkable in that these bricks are said to be as durable as typical bricks, we have now learned that experts in Cape Town, Sout.

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