A Teenager’s Solution to Ocean Microplastics Problem - Teresa Madaleno

  Very small pieces of plastic are used in toothpaste, body scrubs and face wash. While they may help us from a cleanliness point of … Continue reading Read more


Using Rust to Generate Electricity - Samantha Zeitz

Normally, rust isn’t a welcome sight because it generally means that something is decaying. However, scientists at Caltech and Northwestern University are trying to make … Cont.

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The World’s Plastic Problem: All About Disposal - Teresa Madaleno

The production of plastic is done on a huge scale and the disposal of plastics to landfills, incinerators, and the oceans is constant. Disposal is … Read more


Skipping Class to Fight Climate Change - Samantha Zeitz

The youth of today are urging politicians to consider climate change as an emergency. In order to educate them on why the matter is so … Continue .

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The Need to Reduce Plastic Cutlery - Teresa Madaleno

Our planet is littered with billions of plastic forks, knives, and spoons that people throw away every day. While we hear a lot about plastic … Contin.

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Cool Walls Help Reduce Energy Costs - Teresa Madaleno

Today, a lot of people are familiar with green roofs, which can help reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling, help with storm water retention, … Read more


Using Profits to Plant Trees - Teresa Madaleno

More than half of the world’s population uses the Internet every day. That adds up to billions of online searches. Some of the latest energy … Continue re.

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A World Going Carbon-Neutral - Teresa Madaleno

Have you ever heard of Bhutan or Suriname? Bhutan is a small country that sits between India and Tibet while Suriname is located between French … Continue r.

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Making Powwows Green

Making Powwows Green - Samantha Zeitz

If you have ever been to a powwow then you know that there is a lot of music, a lot of dancing, and a lot … Continue reading Making.

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Drastic Environment Measures

Drastic Environmental Measures - Teresa Madaleno

We hear a lot of people arguing that governments are not doing enough to protect our planet; however, there is actually a growing trend in … Continue read.

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Impact of Climate Change on Food

Economic Impact of Climate Change on Food - Kirsten Long

When it comes to vegetables, celery is as basic as it gets, but it isn’t the easiest veggie to grow so if the climate doesn’t … Continue re.

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P.E.I Plastics Ban In Effect

P.E.I Plastics Ban In Effect - Teresa Madaleno

On July first Canada’s smallest province officially enforced its ban on single-use plastic bags. This means that in Prince Edward Island businesses can no longer … Read more

Climate Refugees

Climate Refugees - Kirsten Long

It is sad but true, global warming has made poor countries poorer. Research published in the peer-reviewed journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, … C.

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blue-bright-clouds-3768 (1)

Carbon Neutral Fuel Development From Sun and Air - Samantha Zeitz

While dire predictions about the future continue to make the headlines daily, there are creative minds around the world that have hope and are working … Read more


Pollution and the Link to Increased Health Costs - Kirsten Long

Climate change has caused a great deal of concern for our economies. When looking at climate change and our health we not only see physical … Read more