Who Should Take the Lead on Climate Change

Who Should Take the Lead on Climate Change? - Teresa Madaleno

A lot of Americans believe climate change is a real problem but feel powerless to do anything about it. This is according to a Cone/Porter Novelli Climate Change report. The report indicates that US citizens see companies as important in improving ou.

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Infinitely Recyclable Plastic

Infinitely Recyclable Plastic - Dr. Gary O’Bireck

In an earlier blog, I discussed National Geographic’s new GeoChallenge program, which is designed to make kids and families more aware of the pollution abuses single-use plastics have on our oceans and their aquatic inhabitants. Another step toward.

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Books Explain Climate Change to Kids

Books Explain Climate Change to Kids - Kirsten Long

Climate change information is abundant and can be seen everywhere we turn, exposing people of all ages to it and increasing environmental awareness. As more children hear about climate change, it is important for them to understand not only how it im.

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Black widow spiders and Climate Change

Black Widow Spiders and Climate Change - Teresa Madaleno

Black widow spiders usually arrive in Canada on fruit shipments while some varieties are native to southern parts of the country. Now there seems to be some suggestion by scientists that Canada will soon see an influx of the much-hated insect. Why? W.

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Turning Sunlight into Fuel

Turning Sunlight into Fuel - Teresa Madeleno

Experts at St. John’s College in the U.K. have successfully used semi-artificial photosynthesis to create a new way to produce and store solar energy. In a news release the college announced that a team of academics used natural sunlight to covert .

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Butter Sculpture Transforming into Energy - Teresa Madaleno

Summer has always been a time marked by outdoor activities, including fairs. Americans have enjoyed state fairs since the mid 1800’s. One of the first state fairs was in Syracuse New York where this year, annual festivities have made headlines for .

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Sparta Update – Human Capital

Sparta Capital values its human capital. Having the right people in place, with the best set of skills and knowledge to carry us through to our ultimate goal of a more sustainable world is vital. From time-to-time we will be introducing you to some o.

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Sawmill Residue Could Become Biodiesel

Sawmill Residue Could Become Biodiesel - Teresa Madaleno

A recent report in Biofuels News is drawing attention from environmentalists around the world. The report indicates that the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) will help fund a study into the feasibility of building a biorefinery capable of t.

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Kids vs Plastics

Kids Verses Plastics - Dr. Gary O’Bireck

In response to the more than 8 million tons of plastic that ends up in our oceans every year, National Geographic has instituted a new GeoChallenge called ‘Planet or Plastic?’ Coinciding with September’s annual return to school, ‘Kids vs Plas.

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Solar Powered Cars

Solar Powered Car - Dr. Gary O’Bireck

The next time you are driving, imagine never again having to worry about buying gasoline or stopping to charge your electric vehicle. German car manufacturer Sono Motors believes it has solved these problems with their Sion solar-powered car, soon to.

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Lab Manufactured Mineral Could Help Curb Climate Change

Lab Manufactured Mineral Could Help Curb Climate Change - Teresa Madaleno

News reports indicate that scientists may have discovered a way to produce a mineral in a lab that can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As the race to find solutions to fight climate change intensifies, researchers at Trent University in On.

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Banning of Halogen Light Bulbs

The Banning of Halogen Light Bulbs - Teresa Madaleno

The halogen light bulb has been used in Europe for close to 60 years but that long standing reign of brightening up homes, businesses and streets in this area of the world is coming to an end. Sparta has learned that the halogen light bulb is being b.

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The Zero Waste Cafe and Store

The Zero Waste Café/Store - Kirsten Long

When passion and purpose collide new ideas emerge that can transform the world. A woman in Halifax is hoping her passion and purpose will inspire us all to live a more waste free lifestyle. Sometime in the fall of 2018, The Tare Shop is expected to o.

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The Tiny Green Cabin

The Tiny Green Cabin - Dr. Gary O’Bireck

In a previous blog, I introduced you to ReGen Villages, a sustainable development in Almere, Netherlands, that is focused on preserving natural resources and processing waste through anaerobic digestion. Now, I have a more rustic housing concept to s.

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A Link Between Mental Health and Climate Change

A Link Between Mental Health and Climate Change - Kirsten Long

The Inuit people of Labrador Canada are not only experiencing environmental impacts as a result of global warming, but they are also seeing a correlation between the climate and suicide. The indigenous people have an extremely strong bond with their .

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