Bus Traps Air Pollution

Bus Traps Air Pollution - Teresa Madaleno

Most of us have heard about buses that run on more efficient fuel sources or buses that are electric but what about a bus that filters pollutants? News outlets in the UK are reporting that such a bus exists. In the city of Southampton, which is about.

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Feeding Cows Seaweed

Feeding Seaweed to Cows: A New Climate Weapon? - Samantha Zeitz

Many scientists have been telling us for years that cows are a major contributor of global warming. There are some who would suggest that we simply stop eating meat. However, a New England-based aquaculture company says they might have a way for peop.

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Wind Solar May Turn Desert Green

Wind/Solar May Turn Desert Green - Samantha Zeitz

When you think of the Sahara desert, “green” isn’t normally something that comes to mind but a new study is showing how green the Sahara could actually become. A lot of people agree that in order to prevent climate change from getting worse we .

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Turning Plastic in to Building Blocks

Turning Plastics into Building Blocks - Kirsten Long

According to UNICEF, improper waste management, which includes the disposal of plastic, is responsible for polluting the air, land and sea, as well as causing malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia in children in Cote d’Ivoire’s capital. At the same ti.

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Baby Steps to Help Curb Climate Change

Baby Steps to Help Curb Climate Change - Teresa Madaleno

As more communities are touched by extreme weather events, and evidence mounts that there is a climate change connection, more people worldwide are looking to do their part to lower their carbon footprint. According to conservation officials, baby st.

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Sparta Update – Youth Eco Leaders

The connection between youth health outcomes and the environment has been well documented. Studies, including one outlined this summer in the peer-reviewed journal, PLOS Medicine, show that children and teenagers are more vulnerable to environmental .

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Solar Power Systems and Weather Extremes

Solar Power Systems and Weather Extremes - Teresa Madaleno

The assessment of damage continued in the days that followed Hurricane Florence but early reports suggested that North Carolina’s solar farms held up rather well to powerful winds and record rainfall. While many parts of the electricity system fail.

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New Science Behind Carbon Capture

New Science Behind Carbon Capture - Teresa Madaleno

Large-scale capturing of carbon dioxide is considered necessary by many environmental experts, if we want to limit the rise of global temperature. Of course, grabbing billions of tons of CO2 is a tall task but chemists at the Department of Energy in .

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Airports Vulnerable to Climate Change

Airports Vulnerable to Climate Change - Teresa Madaleno

We have posted blogs about aircraft carriers trying to address fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions but few news agencies or bloggers have outlined the issue associated with airports and our warming planet. We need airports, as they are an es.

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Climate Change Game 1

Climate Change Game - Kirsten Long

Some people are overwhelmed with the challenge of fixing something as big as climate change. The lack of motivation is concerning scientists as they call for action; however, researchers may have found a way to combat this problem and it’s with.

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Who Should Take the Lead on Climate Change

Who Should Take the Lead on Climate Change? - Teresa Madaleno

A lot of Americans believe climate change is a real problem but feel powerless to do anything about it. This is according to a Cone/Porter Novelli Climate Change report. The report indicates that US citizens see companies as important in improving ou.

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Infinitely Recyclable Plastic

Infinitely Recyclable Plastic - Dr. Gary O’Bireck

In an earlier blog, I discussed National Geographic’s new GeoChallenge program, which is designed to make kids and families more aware of the pollution abuses single-use plastics have on our oceans and their aquatic inhabitants. Another step toward.

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Books Explain Climate Change to Kids

Books Explain Climate Change to Kids - Kirsten Long

Climate change information is abundant and can be seen everywhere we turn, exposing people of all ages to it and increasing environmental awareness. As more children hear about climate change, it is important for them to understand not only how it im.

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Black widow spiders and Climate Change

Black Widow Spiders and Climate Change - Teresa Madaleno

Black widow spiders usually arrive in Canada on fruit shipments while some varieties are native to southern parts of the country. Now there seems to be some suggestion by scientists that Canada will soon see an influx of the much-hated insect. Why? W.

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Turning Sunlight into Fuel

Turning Sunlight into Fuel - Teresa Madeleno

Experts at St. John’s College in the U.K. have successfully used semi-artificial photosynthesis to create a new way to produce and store solar energy. In a news release the college announced that a team of academics used natural sunlight to covert .

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