Finding Renewable Energy in Unusual Places

Finding Renewable Energy in Unusual Places - Kirsten Long

While solar panels, and windmills may be obvious renewable energy tools, there are some unusual places that researchers have found green power sources. Nanotechnology is being explored as a way to produce renewable energy. One application being looke.

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Air Quality Biggest Environmental Threat

Air Quality Biggest Environmental Threat - Teresa Madaleno

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) has deemed air quality the leading environmental threat to public health. EPI ranks how well countries perform on environmental issues, including human health. This latest report looked at 180 countries and 2.

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Cleaner Safer Transit

Cleaner, Safer Transit – Coming Soon? - Samantha Zeitz

The transportation industry is a large contributor of emissions but some global companies, such as Uber and Lyft are stepping up to tackle the problem. According to Reuters, fifteen technology and transportation companies have agreed to follow the Sh.

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Energy Facts

Energy Facts: Shifting Towards a Cleaner, Greener Society - Teresa Madaleno

It is easy to get dragged down by negative news, such as terrorism, wildfires, and the U.S withdrawing from the Paris Climate deal. Positive news, especially when it comes to climate change, often gets lost among all the pessimistic pundits; however .

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Ham Fuel

Ham Fuel - Samantha Zeitz

In a previous blog, we told you about using ham fat as a source for renewable fuel. It is a concept that was developed in Finland. If this Scandinavian country is any indication of interest in this idea growing, then collecting ham waste to make fuel.

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New Material Makes Low Cost Fuel Cell Catalyst

New Material Makes Low Cost Fuel Cell Catalyst - Samantha Zeitz

Fuel cells produce power through a chemical reaction, but without combustion. There has been much discussion about how fuel cells can be used as a cleaner option to power cars and computers. The biggest problem with fuel cells is that producing them .

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Electric Charging Stations in Workplaces

Electric Charging Stations in Workplaces - Samantha Zeitz

A few years ago, the U.S Department of Energy unveiled the “Workplace Charging Challenge” to encourage employers to install charging stations for employee’s electric vehicles. Now the concept of implementing EV chargers in the workplace is spre.

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Dog Waste Equals Renewable Energy

Dog Waste Equals Renewable Energy - Teresa Madaleno

We just may have one more reason to call dogs “man’s best friend”. The canine could become part of the solution to climate change. Last spring Waterloo city officials announced a pilot project that would see dog waste put through anaerobic dige.

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Air Quality Biggest Environmental Threat

A Changing Environment- What Can We Expect? - Samantha Zeitz

Climate change has always been a threat to our ecosystems but with rising greenhouse gas levels some species are having a hard time keeping up with the changes. In the past, the biggest contributor of anthropogenic ecosystem change was the growth of .

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Compostable Bioplastic

Compostable Bioplastic - Sam Zeitz

In a world where we are constantly struggling with plastic waste, a biology graduate and avid surfer comes up with a compostable bioplastic made from a common root vegetable. A few years ago, Kevin Kumala realized how much plastic was polluting his n.

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