Vision at Sparta Capital Ltd.

We believe that in order for you, (the customer) to be successful, you need economic strength. For humankind to be successful, we all need a healthy environment in which to function. To achieve this Sparta will focus on continually improving each customer’s operations and bottom line through the development, acquisition and distribution of efficient, planet-friendly technologies. Use of these technologies will allow customers to support the Clean Air for Kids™ initiative. Fostering a culture of continuous improvement, while respecting the environment and helping children will be at the core of our achievements. Sparta capital will be dedicated to accommodating the energy needs of a growing global population in a safe, smart way- enhancing the world we live in.

  • We will offer unique, modern technologies to serve the specific needs of our various customers.
  • We recognize that finding ways to get the same amount of work out of less dirty fuel is just as important as creating new, clean fuel sources.
  • As we move towards our goal of being a leader in the energy market, we will forge strong partnerships with complimentary companies who share our vision.
  • We will enable our customers to have full use of our solutions to support our most precious resource –children.
  • We will inspire our staff, partners and customers to be the best they can be.